Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It kind of makes you miss the RE

I went to the OB on Monday, but I didn't get to actually see the OB, unless you call her walking past me saying a warm hello "seeing" the doctor. She was running late, coming back from an emergency C-section. Meanwhile, the nurse used a doppler device to find Uno's hearbeat - this took a long time, but I didn't worry too much - and she did find it, and said it sounded good. Good! I was so glad I didn't mind her getting ultrasound jelly goo all over my pants. She also weighed me and had me pee in a cup.

After more waiting, nurse informed me that Dr. S had to run out to another emergency C-section, to be followed by an emergency hysterectomy. I could wait around for 2 or 3 hours or have the appointment desk "fit" me in. Right. I have never been to this ob/gyn in 5 years when I didn't have a long wait, and that's when I have an appt, never mind "fitting me in". So, I took an opening on Friday afternoon at the other location - I'll drive more, but maybe it won't be so crowded. At least I know Dr. S will be there on the double if I need an emergency C-section.

Then I went down to the lab on the first floor. Everyone who works there must have been at lunch, because the waiting room was full and the reception window was empty. No problem, that shaggy dog movie with Tim Allen was on the TV - what more could I want? I had my cup of pee in the little white bag by my side, and I would just wait my turn. Reminded me of the IUI days, when HK and I would wait for our turn with the turkey baster (catheter). In those days, the little white bag we carried had a vial of sperm in it, and we waited for Nurse Honey to page us to report for insemination. I was glad to be on the other side of sperm-meets-egg, but I missed Nurse Honey just the same.

I had already irritated the OB's nurse by questioning the lab order - didn't I just have all these tests run in December? No, she said, those were different. Then she found the results in my file (yes I DID already have those tests), and she said, well, it's been 5 months, we need them again, this is our standard 10-week OB work up. Whatever, except that the lab had to draw six vials of blood to do all these tests. Then I irritated the nurse again about getting another appointment - but I didn't really care, I need to see the doctor.

All in all, I spent 2 and 1/2 hours at the OB's office and did not get to talk with the OB. Of course, confirmation that little Uno is still alive in there made up for it all. But it made me think that maybe graduating from the RE's office is kind of like graduating from college. No more coddling, no more feeding me with personalized information, no more celebrating our grade 4 embryo and successful IVF cycle, no more direct dial to Nurse Honey. We're in the real world now of the OB, just another pregnant woman coming in for her 10-week OB work up. Hmmm. Thank you, God! : )


kaaron said...

It is a bit of a different world, isn't it?! Definitely one I am glad for though. Have been thinking about you and wondering how you were. So glad to hear you are doing well. Don't worry, there wil be much much more to celebrate in the months to come!

sara said...

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm glad Uno is still doing well and things are progressing. I hope you continue to be a boring pregnant woman with a boring normal pregnancy!

r e c said...

My OB had tremendously long waits too, but luckily I always got to see her and she would often spend upwards to an hour with me. I figured if she spent that much time talking with me and answering all my questions, she was doing the same for others.

My bit of advise would be to schedule
ALL your appointments now and be her first appointment of the day.