Monday, April 21, 2008

The week 8 ultrasound

Yay, HK for getting our scanner to work! Uno is upside-down in the pic, where the dotted line is drawn, and the dark area is the fetal sac.


Heavy Kevie said...

Hey Sweetie,

Right now, until you post again, it looks like Otis is staring intently at Uno's ultrasound. He's very intrigued by his future baby sister/brother/replacement. Maybe he's trying to figure out how he can stay your favorite once Uno gets here. Sorry Otis, it won't happen!

You are great and I love you!

sara said...

Maybe that means that Uno will be a gymnast when they grow up. Uno already likes to hang upside down! Thanks for sharing your great looking scan, and the kind words!

kaaron said...

Looks perfect to me!

Too funny about your cat staring at the US pic.

Lost in Space said...

I think Uno looks really smart in that pic. (:

Glad everything is going well!