Saturday, April 12, 2008

So thankful

Well, I have been out of touch with my online community for almost two weeks, partly because there has been nothing big to report on the pregancy front, but mainly because I started a new job in my first trimester, when all I want to do is sleep. Or lie still. The job is wonderful, despite the transition frustrations and being the "new kid" in the break room with no one to sit with. I am glad I made the change - from a tiny law firm to a large one. But it's all I can do on my days off to eat, dress and run an errand or two between stints of lying comatose on the couch. I am very thankful this is a part-time job and that it's going well, so far.

Catching up on some other blogs yesterday brought tears for others and more feelings of gratitude for how blessedly uneventful my pregnancy has been thus far. HK and I are reading through the "expecting" books and starting our list of possible names, stuff like that. But a couple women who became pregant after IVF the same time as me have been through hell. Please lift up Alison and her husband in your prayers, as they grieve a terrible loss, and also Amy, who has had a rough couple weeks of scary happenings.

Monday is our next u/s. I feel like everything should be fine, but it will be good to get confirmation from Dr. D on that. Meanwhile, we will try to take advantage of a rare, gorgeous weekend here in Houston. I'm gonna go re-plant some tomatoes now and cultivate some more gratitude.


sara said...

I'm glad the new job is going well. I'm sure in no time you won't be the new kid in the break room. Don't you just love the nice spring weather? It makes me feel so much better! Glad you're doing well.

kaaron said...

Have been thinking about you and wondering how you, HK and Uno were doing. Glad to hear things are well. Best of luck on your US on Monday! Am excited to hear how it goes. That is wonderful about working part-time. I am considering doing the same a little further down the road when I start to get bigger.

My heart broke when I read the blogs you spoke of.