Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time to get caught up - 33 1/2 weeks

This may be sporadic and choppy, but I want to get caught up on some things:

1) Ike dealt us a blow, but not nearly as hard as the blow many people received. We had many branches down, but no trees. No damage to the house. Just 12 days without electricity, which was 10 days too many. It was a humid 80 degrees in our house at night, and the noise of generators made me feel like I was in a war zone. The last three nights of it I stayed with friends, while HK held down the fort like the champ that he is. Pregnant woman's gotta get her sleep!

2) We had our u/s and everything looks good. Apparently, our little Uno is "no small fry," in the words of the u/s tech. She estimated his weight at 4.5 lbs, at 31 weeks. If he is gaining 1/2 lb. a week, he could get to 9 pounds! The OB thinks he'll be more like 8. I hope so. Uno was shy that morning and would not move his hands from his face to give us any good pictures. It was very fun to see him, though.

3) We had our first of two Birth Classes at the hospital. Lots of videos of women going through non-medicated labor and deliveries. No thank you. I am definitely getting the epidural.

4) My belly is huge. The rest of me has pretty much stayed the same size, and I have gained 25 lbs, can see why my co-workers think I am going to pop any second, and we still have over six weeks to go. It doesn't help that I am short-waisted, either. My abdomen is measuring 34 centimeters from top to bottom, which is only 1 above average, but since my torso is kind of shrinky, you know the arc has to stick out pretty far. There are very few items in the maternity wardrobe I can still wear.

5) Only 4 1/2 weeks of work left!

6) Except for not sleeping much, I feel good and am very thankful for that.

7) I'm getting more excited week by week to meet our little guy!


kaaron said...

Have been thinking about ou and wondering how you were doing!!!!! So glad you posted an update.

That is an awfully long time to be without electricity. You're a champ for sticking it out like you did.

8 lbs was our estimate as well! I think he'll probably be bigger than that. I think I get another US at 38 weeks or so.

Personally, I am convinced epidurals are from Heaven. God created someone who was ingenius enough to create such a technique; why not utilize it?

I am sure you look great! Am feeling your pain big belly pain, though.

Polly Gamwich said...

Hi there, I don't read your blog regularly but I do pop in from time to time. Thought I'd say hi. Ever since I learned that you tranferred one embryo back and got knocked up ... I've been following you (so about 33 1/2 weeks give or take ;-) found you through Amy (MomMD) and Brenda (Lost in Space) originally ... just wanted to say hi and how wonderful that you're having a little boy soon.

What a blessing!

sara said...

So glad to hear that you're doing good and that Uno is growing like a champ. Can't believe you're on the home stretch! That is music to my ears!

Lost in Space said...

So glad to hear you and Uno are doing so well. I can hardly believe you are almost ready to meet Uno!!

I am impressed that you hung on without electricity for so long and am glad all seems back to normal again.