Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eight Months Pregnant

Hello! I saw the OB yesterday, which will be a weekly event now until Uno arrives. I was 35 weeks along as of Sunday, but I am calling it Eight Months Pregnant, as Oct. 23rd is just two days away, and one month sounds shorter than five weeks.

As Dr. S put it, any remnants of the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy is over. Another month like this? And I'm still just going to get bigger and more uncomfortable? I suppose there is a grand design for it -- so that I am good and ready to get that baby out. Which I am sure I will be.

I had to wait an hour in the waiting room, and during that time I finished the latest issue of "Baby Talk" magazine, which I admit I regularly steal from the office, but they do have a ton of them. The overhead music, which I usually appreciate, seemed too loud and was just getting on my nerves. The magazine had a story about a woman who passed all the usual tests for fetal abnormalities but then delivered a baby girl with Down Syndrome. I had to quit reading twice to keep from bursting into tears. All of this to say I was quite emotional and on edge. I was sleep deprived and coming off of a big weekend -- more about that later.

The doctor said everything looks perfect - my blood pressure, baby's heart rate (147), urine sample (no protien or sugar), belly size (35 cm), position of baby (head down), weight (152) and cervix (no dilation but almost completely thinned out). I am proud to say [TMI ALERT!] that after 8 months, I finally figured out how to get a urine sample without peeing on my hand. Very satisfying achievement.

Need to get back to work now. Will post more later about the weekend, with pictures.


kaaron said...

I've had the opposite problem. I've found it more difficult to wee in the cup without spillage. Hee!

Yeah, I have to put those magazines away. I also hate when people start sharing dramatic birth stories. I have started to cut them off because I need to be surrounded by happy thoughts.

And good for you for actually posting your weight on the internet. There's no way on this earth will anyone get mine out of me!

Lost in Space said...

So glad all is looking good! It won't be long now before Uno makes his grand entrance!!

The urine on the hand comment cracked me up.