Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike & Uno

I just heard Mayor White's 7 am announcement, and it looks like most people in Houston will be off from work tomorrow, while many in the coastal areas are under a mandatory evacuation. I don't work Fridays anyway, but I guess now HK might be home, too. My mom and I were planning to spend the day together, as she is back in town after being gone for 4 months, but she may not want to drive down from the north Houston suburbs with Ike on the way. We'll see. We plan to gas the cars and stock up on water and non perishables tonight, but we are not planning to evacuate. Could get exciting around here! I am a weather drama junkie.

Yesterday baby Uno was going crazy inside me all afternoon and evening. He was awake and moving for about 4 or 5 hours straight. It was neat at first, and then it was like having someone poke you in the same place over and over again for hours, like Chinese water torture. I tried eating, drinking, singing, patting my belly, moving around, and nothing changed - perhaps a preview of trying to comfort a newborn? I think I may have some kind of wildman in there! He's already up and at it again this morning.

Assuming no news is good news, I guess I passed my glucose tolerance screen. It was over two weeks ago, and still no word from the OB. Surely if I were at risk of having gestational diabetes, they would have called me in for the 3-hour test by now instead of letting me go on drinking chocolate milk every day (well, almost every day). Don't you think?

Our next appointment is Monday the 22nd, and we get to see Uno on the u/s again! Can't wait for that!

A friend of mine had a baby boy in January, and although his name is Isaac, they have always called him Ike. What a lucky kid, he gets a hurricane named after him before he's even one year old. : ) Please pray for safety for everyone in the storm's path this weekend, and blessings on all who lost loved ones on this infamous day, seven years ago.


kaaron said...

We are thinking of going to San Antonio; I was thinking of you and wondering what you were planning.

We'll let the mandatory evacs get off the road and take off around 0400. I hope that is enough time. I was leaning toward staying myself, but my husband, family and all my coworkers seem to think it is best to leave.

Lost in Space said...

I hope you are staying safe. How scary!! Will be thinking of you all.

Little Uno sounds like a busy body. (: Glad to hear all is going well.

sara said...

Congrats on passing the glucose test and good luck on your appointment on Monday. Uno sounds like he's just a spunky little guy - but it's amazing how they can keep us up already, LOL! I like feeling the movement -but sometimes I think I like sleep a lot too :-)