Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waitin' on the follies

Ultrasound #3 was this morning, and my ovaries still aren't doing much. The scan showed 2 measurable follicles -- one on each side, both measuring 10 mm (a follicle is considered mature at 20 mm). There are also 5 small follies on the right, and 6 small on the left. I found out my estrogen level on Monday was 83, which was not the >100 number we were hoping for.

Because of that, the doctor adjusted my meds a bit starting yesterday, and sure enough, my estrogen was up to 239 today. Yay! So I am hoping to see more good follicles on Friday. Also, the lining of my uterus has thickened from 5 mm to 6 mm. By the time of ovulation, it is usually about 10 mm. A nice, thick, cushy landing pad for those embryos.

Wow, embryo. Just using that word strikes amazement in me. Could that minute, miraculous, cellular-level life form really exist inside me one day? Maybe around March 4th or so?

An online friend of mine had her egg retrieval today. They saw 4 mature follicles at her last scan, but they got 7 eggs today, which is great. Tomorrow morning she will find out how many eggs fertilized, and I am anxious to find out, too, though I am sure my anticipation does not even come close to hers.

This post is not too exciting, but I want to send love and thanks to everyone reading and keeping up with what's happening. It's great to know people are sharing in this with me.


kaaron said...

kathy, am praying for continued growth for your follies! I certainly didn't think I'd have as many to work with as we wound up with, so hang in there! We have great docs and I think we are both going to have great outcomes.

Brenda said...

Love and thanks to you for sharing your journey with us. You and Kevin are in my prayers every day.

Loved you are!!

Alison said...

Hi Kathy - I'm saying a little prayer that your follies continue to grow, and maybe you'll get a wonderful surprise like your friend and get more than you think :)

- Alison0306