Friday, February 29, 2008

In someone else's basket now

Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers, everyone. We got 5 eggs! The ER went really smoothly, and mom has been bringing me hot tea and popcorn as I rest up on the couch.

The IVF lab people said that often a follicle can look nice and mature but turn out to be empty. So, while all those 16 mm follies may have grown enough by this morning to turn out some good eggs, giving us just one short of a dozen, in the end all those follies yielded 5 eggs to fertilize. Honestly, HK and I were a little disappointed we didn't get more, since the odds are that not all eggs will fertilize, and not all those that do fertilize will make it to transfer, and we were hoping for a few to freeze, BUT in the end it only takes ONE, and we are very happy we are starting with 5 times that many.

I feel relieved just to know I am not responsible for my eggs for the next 3 to 5 days - they are in someone else's basket now, and I trust they are taking very good care of them. There is nothing else I can do right now but stay hopeful and pray.

Tomorrow we will get the fert report. I'll keep you posted. Back to the couch now. I am resting easier knowing so many people are supporting us and praying for our little eggs.


kaaron said...

5 is still a good number! Glad to hear mom is taking care of you. You are right; it only takes 1! Rest up, girlie. Saying prayers for you too.

Tobacco said...

Fingers crossed for you today! Hope you get nothing but fabulous news. Good luck.