Monday, February 18, 2008

Not much happening

I had my second u/s today, the first one since I started stims (the Follistim injections). None of the follicles are big enough to be measurable yet, but I now have 5 follicles on the right and 7 on the left. That's two more than I had Friday, so I take that as progress.

Now I wait for Nurse Honey to call with the b/w results, to find out if they will adjust the dosage of Follistim. She said it is normal not to see any real activity yet, and that my follicles will not grow until my estrogen level goes up. She said they are expecting my estrogen to be above 100 today, so that is what I will hope to hear when she calls.

Also, tomorrow I will start a new shot, called Menopur, once a day. That's four shots a day now, the maximum I will have to do. It requires setting aside an extra 15 to 20 minutes every morning and night for the injection routine -- get the meds out of the fridge so they aren't so cold, prep the injection site with alcohol, cleanse the vial cap, attach the needle and dial up the dose on the needle pen or prep a disposable syringe and fill it with the right dosage from the vial, squeeze the part of the thigh or belly where I am going to inject, stick in the needle, let go of the squeeze, slowly depress the button, wait a few seconds, and withdraw the needle. Voila! Sometimes a drop of blood comes out, sometimes it doesn't. It's really not that bad. Especially if you have a morbid curiosity about medical stuff, which I do.

My husband ("HK") is going to start observing the injections, so he can get more familiar with the process, since he will eventually have to do some injections for me. Now that is trust, especially for someone with controlling perfectionist tendencies, like me. How many people do you know, whom you would trust enough to let them stick a large gauge needle deep into your muscle and inject you with hormones? Hmm, reminds me of some recent headlines...


kaaron said...

I gotta say, I am pretty nervous about my husband giving me the PIO shots. Goofball keeps making this swinging fist motion that gives me palpitations.

BTW, you have pretty pets! Can't believe we missed each other by an hour this AM.

Kathy said...

Thanks! We have another cat, but I can't find a good picture of her. Thanks for all your comments...I love hearing them.

Jennifer said...

Hope the shots work well for you babe. Hi, I'm Jenni from your FF group for TX Girls. I currently live in Vegas, but born and raised in Houston most my life.