Monday, July 28, 2008

Hard to post with no computer at home yet

Yes, we are still computer shopping and waiting for the insurance claim check to come thru. Meanwhile, here are some recent pictures:

This is Mt. Rainier, in Seattle, Washington. HK and his best friend climbed this impressive peak a few weeks ago. I am very proud and impressed, indeed.

This is Lake Pend Oreille (that's "pon-duh-ray") in Sandpoint, Idaho, where HK and I spent a couple glorious days with my sister and her husband.

This is my belly, in Sandpoint, Idaho.
: )

All is well with Uno. We see the OB again on Wednesday. I'll try to be back again soon!


kaaron said...

Hi, K! I thought I had posted here earlier, but apparently not. The pics are beautiful, esp. the belly pic. :) Glad you had a nice time, and look forward to hearing about your appt soon!

sara said...

Beautiful photos and I'm glad all is well with Uno! Hope you had a great appointment :-)