Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can you see it?

Unless you recently had your own ultrasound or are an ultrasound tech, you may not know what you are looking at, but the arrow is pointing to what clearly makes our baby...A BOY!

Right now he weighs 12 oz and measures 19.9 weeks, right on schedule. Everything looks good - the heart, spine, head, bones, stomach and umbilical cord, thigh bone connected to the knee bone, etc! I have an anterior placenta, which means it is up front in my belly, with the baby behind, so that will muffle the movements for another month, but that is normal, and so is my cervix, which means I can travel safely on our vacation next week. Whew.

HK and I are thrilled that everything looks healthy and excited to know we have a son in there. Now we can choose a name from our list...which is on the computer...which was we will be starting fresh with a new list! : )

Seeing Uno again was amazing, exciting, and also sobering. A little dose of reality, to remind us there will be a big new responsibility in our lives about 4 1/2 months from now. Yeah. We are just soaking all of this in, with lots of gratitude for all the good news today.

So, thanks again for casting your vote, and everyone who voted for "boy" can do a little self-satisfied nodding of the head and enjoy the successful application of your old wives tale. Nicely done.


kaaron said...

Shouting a Legally Blonde style Squeeeeeeeee!!!! over here. Your mother's intuition is right on already! We should have a play date once our babies are able to play together. Hee!!!!

Lost in Space said...

I always follow mama's gut. She never seems to be wrong. (:

Congrats on your son!!!

sara said...

Oh what a great ultrasound - thanks for sharing your pictures with us! I am so glad that everything went perfectly - that must be music to your ears! I had to laugh at your comment from the other day about my mentioning of the NKOTB video. Everytime I see it I'm like I didn't really like them back when I was younger and I kind of can't believe that they're back. Insanity I'm telling you..pure insanity. My sister begs to differ and is on cloud nine, as well as some of my friends who are die hard fans. Hope your having a great fourth of July. Congrats again on your son!

Katie said...

I can see "it"! Congrats! How exciting.