Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pregnant pause

Yesterday officially felt like my first day of maternity leave, since I don't work on Mondays. Now the waiting has truly begun.

How long will Uno make us wait? His arrival might feel less imminent if the doctor hadn't reported that I was dilated between 3 and 4 cm on Monday. I asked how my cervix can be that open without any real contractions, and she said the baby's head pressing on the cervix, along with cramping, can do that. Sweet. Three cm already with no pain -- I am grateful.

I saw the doula that afternoon for my "labor preparation massage," and when she heard the doctor's report she asked me how soon I wanted this baby to come. I told her I was ready any time. So, she did all she could to massage my hips to open and to get the baby down as far as possible. Afterwards, she said he could not get any further down without my water breaking. She also mentioned that once labor started, it would probably go quickly, so we shoudn't delay in heading to the hospital once the contractions were regular and close enough together. I left there very relaxed and resolved to finish packing my hospital bag that night, which I did.

Since then, nothing. I know it could be another week or so...or, it could be today. Quite a "pregnant pause" this time of waiting. I have lots of little things to keep me busy - finsh thank you notes, work on the quilts, do laundry, go through some piles of junk, shop online for Christmas presents, play around with my new account (now that's addicting), etc. Watch "West Wing" reruns on Bravo. Try to think up new names for Uno.... But it's not like I get fully immersed in any activity to the point of losing awareness of what I am waiting for.

I really can't wait for him to get here now. Hope to see you soon, Uno! Whenever you are ready! We are praying for you and can't wait to meet you.


kaaron said...

Am so excited that things are progressing so well for you!

I have those little things to keep me busy also, but I feel like I simply am not good at completing a task right now. Part of pg brain, perhaps?

New names for Uno? I take it you and HK haven't decided yet?

Lost in Space said...

I hope that massage has helped Uno's progression to come on out. (: Hang in there. It's almost time!!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Wow, your doula sounds great! How are you feeling today?

Any signs of movement?

Praying for you and little Uno!

I bet you can't believe the day is almost here!!!