Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crafty Kathy - a couple finished projects

I finished the scarf for my sister and plan to mail it off to her tomorrow. Here it is, with a close up of the stitch:

I also finished two "hugs". These are one-yard flannel blankets that my local quilt shop collects and donates to the local hospitals for the preemie babies. I am going to make a Christmas one for Uno. : )

I am looking forward to seeing Dr. S tomorrow and hoping to hear there's been some progress since last week. I have almost no energy and am feeling very good about the fact that Thursday was my last day at work. My job is wonderful, but I was definitely ready to start my leave and use what little mental energy I have these days for the final baby prep efforts. After my OB appoinment, I am scheduled for a massage with the doula. Definitely looking forward to that.


Lost in Space said...

Crafty Kathy indeed!! Love the scarf - it almost makes me want to go find my 1/2 knitted one from 2 years ago. (: The blankets are so sweet.

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I hope Uno is progressing nicely. And Yay for no more work. It is all baby time now!! (:

Polly Gamwich said...

I love the idea of the hugs ... such a sweet gift. I just visited my girlfriend's premie in the NICU (who is doing awesome btw) and it just warms my heart that you give to those families in need ... yay.

kaaron said...

Nice job on the scarf! Definitely praise your patience in creating something like that.

Very sweet about the hugs blankets. What a lovely thing you do!