Thursday, June 26, 2008

Owee. And there is still time to vote.

Good morning. Thanks to all who have voted! The results are currently 50/50, but there are still six days to go. One of my dear friends sent me an email yesterday saying she could not vote until she knew if my skin was broken out or clear. Ah ha, a new "how can you tell?" answer! My skin has been very clear, so we'll see what her vote is based on that. She has had a boy and a girl, so she's got credibility. : )

The "Owee" title comes from the lower back pain that has settled in this week. Not lovin' it. Definitely going to prenatal yoga tomorrow.

Also, I have a lovely plantar's wart - my first (hey, is that an indication of boy or girl?!?). My OB said I could go ahead and treat it, OTC style. Then, I read in "Fit Pregnancy" magazine that salicylic acid causes birth defects. Hello?! That's the main ingredient in drugstore wart medication. So, I will discontinue that until I talk to the doc again. Anyone have experience with that?

Have a super Thursday.

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Lost in Space said...

Sorry I'm chiming in late. I had them as a teen and had a podiatrist freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. Hope they are gone for you soon!