Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Pictures!

Happy new year! All is well in Eli land. I wish I could post about many, many things, but these days if I can't do it from my iphone, it doesn't get done online. Meanwhile, here are some pictures for those who keep asking. Thanks for checking in! I will try to blog again soon (Karen thanks for tagging me, I am planning to respond!).

Christmas joy

Eli's Christmas outfit with reindeer feet

He loves his Tiny Love mobile

Sporting his balding hairline and acne

At almost 10 weeks, he smiles a lot now!

And the new hair is coming in


Polly Gamwich said...

He is ADORABLE and I can only imagine how sweet and wonderfully delightful your Christmas was! I loved the pic of the reindeer feet .. with DH? ... that is just so sweet.

Glad you checked in, thanks.

Lost in Space said...

Glad to see you checking in, Kathy. Eli is just too cute. I love the pic with his big grin! It sounds like mommyhood is going great.

kaaron said...

I loved these pics, even though I am now getting around to commenting. :) That smile makes me melt.